Arctic Rescue - Saving Lola

Our first project

Why Arctic Rescue

We love nature, and trough this passion we came up with the idea to create a game board set in an arctic scenary, far away from human intervention, where the main characters are exclusively the animals of the North Pole.

The idea to leave out humans is highly intentional. We wanted to create a sustainable game where animals helping each other out is the only purpose. This is our tribute to nature, and we hope you have great fun figuring out the best way to save LOLA, in our game ARCTIC RESCUE.

How to play

The goal of the game is to rescue Lola, the Beluga, who has been trapped in the ice. You and your friends choose a character each, Dolores, Marlon, Emma or Grumpf and make your way through the Arctic Sea. You move over a circular play field and with the help of Njord the Nordic Storm God-cards you can get closer to the ice-doors that open up the ice and allow you to make your way from one circle to the next. You can also use these cards to hinder you opponents by moving the doors away from their character. Buffy, the Arctic Hare Surprise-cards influences outcome of the game through exciting advantages and unexpected obstacles.

Components of the board game

1 box with illustrations on both top and bottom  

1  game board 

24 Njord, the Nordic Storm God-cards 

30 Buffy, the Arctic Hare Surprise-cards (10 blank ones)

1 dice, 4 standees for the Ice-Doors and 4 standees for the characters. 

Set out as Marlon, Emma, Grumpf and Dolores to find a way through the arctic ice and help the lost beluga, Lola!